Adopting Process 


Adopting a Pomsky is easier than ever through our site.

    Our process begins with choosing the puppy you are interested in on our website. We have a “first come, first serve” policy, therefore; for the puppies that are available to be adopted, if you submit a full payment the puppy will be secured for your purchase.


    If you would like to put a deposit down for a puppy that is not yet ready for adoption, we offer a $500 payment to secure any puppy you choose.


    For payment, we accept credit cards, bank wire transfers, and cash app payments.


    All payments are refundable if you have not picked up the puppy yet; however; there is a cancellation fee of $150. We cannot guarantee any refunds after the puppy has been shipped or picked up.


    Once the payment has been received, we will set up a pickup date and time for you to get the puppy. We also ship by airlines anywhere in the U.S. if necessary.

    The buyer would be responsible for the shipping cost of $500 for any location in the U.S.