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We love what we do

Here in Denver, Colorado, our family specializes in Pomsky puppies. These adorable dogs are well cared for and treated as part of our family. But they are in search of their forever home. Our temporary home for them is a cozy and healthy environment, and we want to find the right puppy for you! We are a large family with lots of kids and grandchildren, therefore our puppies grow up to be happy and very social. To us, they are family.
    Their type of breed is easy to train due to their high intelligence. These balls of energy are wonderful companions for both children and adults! We hope that our puppies can become a part of your family.
    Each puppy is also up to date on their vaccinations and deworming. If interested, we would love to hear from you! 


We Are Responsible Breeders

Breeding is a responsibility, but also our passion. We dedicate our time to breeding and raising beautiful pomsky puppies, that will receive loving forever homes. Focusing on one specific breed ensures that we are knowledgeable about pomeranian huskies. We understand the qualities and genetics of our breed such as; potential illnesses, bloodlines, physical characteristics, and many more. This will allow us to create strong and healthy puppies, steering clear of any potential hazards and discrepancies from non-responsible breeding. Temperament and health are a huge priority when breeding a litter. The sire (male) and dam (female) dogs are carefully chosen and need to complement one another. 
As well as caring for our new puppies, we provide a safe and caring environment for our breeding dogs, making sure all of them are comfortable and loved. It is not just a hobby, it is a commitment. Our dogs get extensive long term care, veterinary health checks, screenings, tests, exercise, and good nutrition. We only provide the best for our dogs. Our goal is to improve the breed to create strong, healthy, and lovable pomsky puppies.




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